Show simple item record Santos Juanes, Lucas Garcia Einschlag, Fernando Sebastian Amat, Ana M. Arques, Antonio 2018-11-15T18:34:05Z 2017-02
dc.identifier.citation Santos Juanes, Lucas; Garcia Einschlag, Fernando Sebastian; Amat, Ana M.; Arques, Antonio; Combining ZVI reduction with photo-Fenton process for the removal of persistent pollutants; Elsevier Science Sa; Chemical Engineering Journal; 310; 2-2017; 484-490
dc.identifier.issn 1385-8947
dc.description.abstract An iron-based photochemical process able to act via reductive and oxidative stages by tuning experimental conditions has been explored. In a first step, zero-valent iron (ZVI), added as steel wool, was used to reduce those pollutants reluctant to oxidative processes. Then, the iron released in the solution was employed, upon addition of hydrogen peroxide, to drive a photo-Fenton process. This procedure has been checked with a mixture of five chemicals, namely p-toluenesulfonic acid, benzoic acid, p-nitrobenzoic acid, acetaminophen and caffeic. p-Nitrobenzoic acid resulted to be the most reluctant against oxidation but it was reduced in the absence of H2O2 to form 4-aminobenzoic acid; the presence of salts (e.g. tap water) was required and best results were reached at neutral pH. As p-aminobenzoic acid can be more easily oxidized than p-nitrobenzoic, combination of both stages is meaningful: a ZVI-based reduction followed by a photo-Fenton like-oxidation was employed to remove this pollutant from tested solutions.
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dc.language.iso eng
dc.publisher Elsevier Science Sa
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dc.subject IRON
dc.subject PHOTO-FENTON
dc.subject WASTEWATER
dc.subject ZVI
dc.subject.classification Otras Ingeniería Química
dc.subject.classification Ingeniería Química
dc.subject.classification INGENIERÍAS Y TECNOLOGÍAS
dc.title Combining ZVI reduction with photo-Fenton process for the removal of persistent pollutants
dc.type info:eu-repo/semantics/article
dc.type info:ar-repo/semantics/artículo
dc.type info:eu-repo/semantics/publishedVersion 2018-10-22T22:31:24Z
dc.journal.volume 310
dc.journal.pagination 484-490
dc.journal.pais Países Bajos
dc.journal.ciudad Amsterdam
dc.description.fil Fil: Santos Juanes, Lucas. Universidad Politécnica de Valencia; España
dc.description.fil Fil: Garcia Einschlag, Fernando Sebastian. Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas. Centro Científico Tecnológico Conicet - La Plata. Instituto de Investigaciones Fisicoquímicas Teóricas y Aplicadas. Universidad Nacional de La Plata. Facultad de Ciencias Exactas. Instituto de Investigaciones Fisicoquímicas Teóricas y Aplicadas; Argentina
dc.description.fil Fil: Amat, Ana M.. Universidad Politécnica de Valencia; España
dc.description.fil Fil: Arques, Antonio. Universidad Politécnica de Valencia; España
dc.journal.title Chemical Engineering Journal
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