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dc.identifier.citation Stute, M.; Luna, Gerardo Juan Manuel; Implications of the non-detection of X-Ray emission from HD 149427; International Astronomical Union; Information Bulletin on variable stars; 2011; 6003; 11-2011; 1-11
dc.identifier.issn 0374-0676
dc.description.abstract HD 149427 is a very enigmatic object. It has been classified either as a planetary nebula or as a D'-type symbiotic star. Its distance is also highly uncertain. Furthermore, HD 149427 is a potential jet source. We report the non-detection of X-ray emission from HD 149427 and explore the implications to its nature. We observed the object with XMM-Newton with an effective exposure time of 33.5 ks. The upper limit for the flux of the X-ray emission in the soft band (<2 keV) is 10^-15 erg/s/cm^2, while in the hard band (>2 keV) it is about 10^-14 erg/s/cm^2. We discuss the implication of our results in light of the possible natures of HD 149427 -- being a planetary nebula or a symbiotic star, close or very distant. The derived upper limits on the mass accretion rate of the white dwarf are untypical for symbiotic stars and may favor the picture of HD 149427 being a young PN. HD 149427 might be a symbiotic star in hibernation -- if a symbiotic star at all. We estimate the possible mass-loss rate and kinetic luminosity of the jet and find no contradiction with our upper limit of soft X-ray emission. Therefore the jet may be still present but it was too faint to be detected via soft X-ray emission.
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dc.publisher International Astronomical Union
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dc.subject symbiotic stars
dc.subject.classification Astronomía
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dc.subject.classification CIENCIAS NATURALES Y EXACTAS
dc.title Implications of the non-detection of X-Ray emission from HD 149427
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dc.journal.volume 2011
dc.journal.number 6003
dc.journal.pagination 1-11
dc.journal.pais Francia
dc.journal.ciudad Paris
dc.description.fil Fil: Stute, M..
dc.description.fil Fil: Luna, Gerardo Juan Manuel. Consejo Nacional de Investigaciónes Científicas y Técnicas. Oficina de Coordinación Administrativa Ciudad Universitaria. Instituto de Astronomía y Física del Espacio. - Universidad de Buenos Aires. Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales. Instituto de Astronomía y Física del Espacio; Argentina
dc.journal.title Information Bulletin on variable stars
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