Show simple item record Manzanal, Diego Drempetic, V. Haddad, B. Pastor, M. Stickle, M. Martín 2017-07-07T19:51:57Z 2016-06
dc.identifier.citation Manzanal, Diego; Drempetic, V.; Haddad, B.; Pastor, M.; Stickle, M. Martín; Application of a new rheological model to rock avalanches: an SPH approach; Springer Wien; Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering; 49; 6; 6-2016; 2353-2372
dc.identifier.issn 0723-2632
dc.description.abstract Rock avalanches move large volumes of material causing a highly destructive power over large areas. In these events, it is possible to monitor the evolution of slopes but failure cannot be always prevented. For this reason, modelling of the propagation phase provides engineers with fundamental information regarding speed, track, runout and depth. From these data it is possible to perform a better risk assessment and propose mitigation measures to reduce the potential hazard of specific area.The purpose of this paper is to present a depth integrated, SPH model, which can be used to simulate real rock avalanches and to assess the influence of the rheology on the avalanche properties. The paper compares the performance of different rheological models to reproduce the track, runout and depth of the final deposit for both, scale test and real events such as Frank and Thurwiesier rock avalanches. These sets of benchmarks provide information on the proposed model accuracy and limitations.
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dc.language.iso eng
dc.publisher Springer Wien
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dc.subject SPH
dc.subject.classification Otras Ingeniería Civil
dc.subject.classification Ingeniería Civil
dc.subject.classification INGENIERÍAS Y TECNOLOGÍAS
dc.title Application of a new rheological model to rock avalanches: an SPH approach
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dc.type info:eu-repo/semantics/publishedVersion 2017-07-06T18:33:46Z
dc.identifier.eissn 1434-453X
dc.journal.volume 49
dc.journal.number 6
dc.journal.pagination 2353-2372
dc.journal.pais Austria
dc.journal.ciudad Viena
dc.description.fil Fil: Manzanal, Diego. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid; España. Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas. Oficina de Coordinación Administrativa Houssay. Instituto de Tecnologías y Ciencias de la Ingeniería "Hilario Fernández Long". Universidad de Buenos Aires. Facultad de Ingeniería. Instituto de Tecnologías y Ciencias de la Ingeniería "Hilario Fernández Long"; Argentina. Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia; Argentina
dc.description.fil Fil: Drempetic, V.. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid; España
dc.description.fil Fil: Haddad, B.. Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha; España
dc.description.fil Fil: Pastor, M.. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid; España
dc.description.fil Fil: Stickle, M. Martín. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid; España
dc.journal.title Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering
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